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8th Oct 2020

Bedtime Stories - The Dragon of Allerton Oak


An Ancient tree, shared and loved by all the animals. Until, one day a fire breathing dragon arrives with other ideas! Can Luna the owl convince the dragon to share or will she have to resort to a drastic plan?

Long ago there was a mighty oak tree. It had stood for a hundred years and was used as a meeting place for all the animals.

Here they would beet with the wisest creature who lived amongst them, Luna the owl. Luna lived in a tree near the ancient stones which had been there even longer than the oak.

Every week she left her tree, circled three times around the stones and flew to the ancient tree to listen to the animal's questions and worries.

The Dragon of Allerton Oak by Jude Lennon https://www.facebook.com/jude.lennon.946


Published by Team Author UK https://teamauthoruk.co.uk/

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Author Karen Kelly launched her debut novel, Lillian White’s Journey, in 2019 and it was through marketing this novel that she was introduced to a local radio station, Redshift Radio, first as a guest then as a Presenter of Scarlet Ladies! Her love of radio transferred into podcasting and she’s never looked back with her podcast, Appetite for Life, now gaining traction. Karen created a children's podcast, Bedtime Stories, in October 2020 which is going from strength to strength averaging over 3000 monthly downloads globally. It has been nominated for a Podcast for Business Award - Best Family Podcast and has remained in prime position in the Top 50 Apple Podcast Charts in 24 countries for many weeks. Karen's children's series of books, Emergency Ed, also feature on the Bedtime Stories Podcast. Karen has written a one-hour masterclass, A Beginners Guide to Podcasting, as she wants to help other budding podcasters take that first step and she continues to work on her sequel to Lillian White's Journey.
Karen also hosts, Authors & More, across the pond in Florida for Amp Media Productions.